Land Registry Application – Form Filling Transcription 

Land Registry Applications and Legal Form Filling Transcription

Are you about to put a land registry application before Her Majesty’s land registry application services? Then let Legal Typing help you make the process as smooth as possible. Our skilled legal transcriptionists can assist with preparation of all legal forms through all stages of the land registry application process, helping you to ensure no mistakes are made throughout your journey to get a property registered or re-registered.

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What do the land registry application services do?

A non-ministerial department, the land registry application services do exactly that- register all land held in England and Wales. They hold all information on land and property ownership in these areas, including information on mortgages, leases and other liens held on the properties in question. Altogether, more than 85% of the ownership of land in these areas is expressed through titles lodged with the land registry, meaning that the scope of information covered at the registry is huge.

Every time an application is lodged through the land registry, they make careful consideration of how to register the land. Their records show any change of ownership, as well as mortgages and leases that apply to the land or property. Fairness, openness and honesty are at the heart of their intentions, ensuring everyone can easily access needed information about English and Welsh land since 1862. However, this information isn’t simply a matter of walking in from the street. Correct applications must be made- especially if you are registering a new interest in, or ownership of, a piece of land.

Why would I need to make a land registry application?

You will need to make a land registry application if you become a new owner of already registered land, if you belong to an organisation that has any kind of interest in the land and its ownership [such as mortgage services and banks, or a lease/lending service], or if you currently hold the title on unregistered land. The land title which you receive from the land registry is guaranteed by the government and helps define the land you own, which is why accuracy is such a critical part of the process. You can also apply to them if you need information that is a matter of record on any piece of land you are considering.

How can Legal Typing assist with my land registry application process?

Needless to say, given the scope of their writ and the occasionally sensitive nature of the data they hold, if you wish to make use of any of the land registry application services, a substantial paper trail is necessitated. In order for the matter to proceed smoothly, it is essential that all forms are correctly completed, without error or misinformation. Any such errors discovered will lead to substantial delays in the land registry application process, and can even lead to extra fees being charged!

By using the skilled and knowledgeable team at Legal Typing, you can rest assured that your application will be transcribed error-free and in the correct format, ensuring that the entire process is as smooth and swift as possible. Why not let us help you with your land registry application today?

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