Legal Typing – Prices to suit you..

As each business is individual, so should your pricing structure be.  We feel that the easiest way to price audio typing is per minute of recorded audio.  We are happy to be able to offer our clients a fantastic standard rate per audio minute for reports that are returned within 24 hours.  This is our most popular pricing structure because it is flexible as well as fast.

Because we pride ourselves in offering a personal service, we can easily accommodate faster turnaround times when required without having to charge more than the standard rate.  Its a bit of give and take.. However, we also offer a premium same day service for those “it just can’t wait!” moments..

Because we are more than just a transcription service, we also offer a competitive hourly rate for non audio work which means you can send us anything you need doing (copy typing, copying and pasting in standard paragraphs, inserting pictures, creating a report template from scratch) and we will make sure you are charged an honest, hourly fee for whatever job you throw at us, down to a 15 minute editing quickie.  We also have clients who have negotiated a flat rate per report, we are happy to be flexible so you can use us flexibly.

Standard Service

£100+VATper audio minute
  • 24 hour turnaround

Choose the typing price that suits your style of working


£120 +VATper audio minute
  • Same day turnaround*
  • Dedicated typist
  • No minimum file size

Premium Service

Are you the kind of person who likes to work under pressure, every job is left to the last minute and needs to be turned around immediately?  Our premium service offers the fastest turnaround times for surveyors available at an affordable price.  Your typist will make sure your work is back with you in the quickest time possible without scrimping on accuracy.

*if audio received by midday – same day reports will be returned by 5.30pm


£100 +VATper audio minute
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Dedicated typist
  • No minimum file size

Standard 24 Service

Our standard rate per audio minute is amazing value, you won’t find a specialist property typing agency anywhere who can offer these kind of prices for a fast and reliable turnaround of within 24 hours.  And if you need it sooner, no problem, we won’t charge you more as a valued customer and will just do our best to prioritise your work.  Your dedicated typist will be familiar with your typing style and experienced holiday cover typists will be available if they go away.

Non Audio Work (i.e. Copy Typing)

£1750 +VATper hour
  • 24 hour turnaround
  • Dedicated typist
  • Accurate and Well Formatted

Non Audio Work (i.e. Copy Typing)

Property Typing’s hourly rate offers an excellent value outsourced alternative to employing your own PA or secretary.  We can do pretty much anything an on site admin could but you only pay us for the hours we do. Copy typing, pasting in standard paragraphs, formatting reports or inserting photographs – we are happy to do it all.

All prices include a dedicated typist and holiday cover when they are away.