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Are you looking for reliable, accurate facsimile document services? Then the Legal Typing team has exactly what you’re looking for. We provide facsimile legal services to solicitors throughout the UK, taking pride in offering fast, accurate yet remote legal secretarial support that you can always rely on.

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In the UK, faxes are legally binding- when even email isn’t

Many a person has wondered why facsimile legal services are still so important. After all, have we not reached the digital era? Shouldn’t emails have phased out faxes by now, let alone regarding legal matters? There’s an important reason that faxes still remain a highly prefered method of communication in the legal arena. They are secure, very difficult to tamper with, and the sending format is utterly reliable. It’s also considered legally binding, for these reasons. This includes legal recognition of a faxed signature, a privilege applied to almost no other ‘second copy’ documents in the UK.

For most legal purposes, hard copies of documents are still an absolute must, typically with an authorised signature or two appended as well. These documents typically carry a high burden of confidential information, some of it highly sensitive indeed. This is why those providing facsimile document services for legal practices in the UK must not only be accurate and reliable, but also fully versed in maintaining client confidentiality and privilege. Faxes offer secure communication simply, and can be transmitted quickly without the need for 3rd-party couriers and such. The authenticity of facsimile documents is hardly ever questioned, as it’s near impossible to tamper with this transmission process. Allow Legal Typing to take the burden off your shoulders and let our experienced team handle all your facsimile legal services for you. We can transcribe documents from audio files or written notes, correctly format and prepare them, and ensure they safely reach their destination without you having to give it a moment’s thought.

How will I submit my work to you?

We use a completely bespoke portal for submissions and all your facsimile document services. This is highly secure and utterly confidential, so you have peace of mind at all times. It doesn’t matter if you need full-time secretarial support, or simply need us to fill in in the absence of your company secretary or over a particularly busy time, you will receive the same stellar Legal Typing experience regardless. We’re intimately acquainted with the demands of the legal arena, the need for the strictest client confidentiality, and the critical nature of deadlines that demand fast and accurate turnarounds.  We use only UK based typists with extensive experience in legal work and a verified secretarial background, some of whom have even worked as legal professionals before opting for a legal typing as a more flexible career, so you know your facsimile document services are in safe and secure hands.

What is the Legal Typing difference I can expect?

This portal allows you to track your jobs, communicate with your typist, keep up-to-date on the jobs status and even email in from any device, anywhere in the world you may be. You’re also free to upload customised letterheads, templates and drafts which you need us to use for your work, allowing you to maintain stylistic control and consistency throughout your jobs. In a similar vein, and for your peace of mind as well, you will be allocated a couple of typists with whom you will regularly work. This allows them to stay familiar with your practice, requirements and document formats, while still allowing a buffer if your regular typist is not available for personal reasons. This means, no matter what, you’re guaranteed a personal remote secretarial and facsimile document service that goes above and beyond.

Let Legal Typing help you with all your facsimile legal services and legal typing needs. We guarantee you will love the personal touch and skilled work we offer.

Legal Digital Dictation

Our knowledge of legal terminology and the required layout to include your references and contact details means we can offer you a personal legal secretarial service at a fraction of the cost of an in-house secretary.  All our typists are required to sign Confidentiality Agreements and our SSL encrypted portal means that your dictation and the returned documentation is all highly secure and safe.


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