Administration. The legal wheels are undoubtedly greased by lots and lots of admin, mostly in the form of paperwork. Yet ensuring your legal firm’s casework documents and correspondence is up-to-date, error-free and ready to go takes focus away from your profit-generating services and your clients. As industry leaders in legal dictation and transcription services, Legal Typing is perfectly placed to help you ease the burden a little. Here’s just a few of the many reasons law firms should outsource their legal correspondence and document dictation. Take your administration work to new levels, and outsource your legal digital dictation needs today.

1.You pay for what you need- and only what you need

Chances are unless you happen to work for a massive operation, most of your manpower and skillset is invested in the people who do the on-the-ground legal work. Retaining a whole extra salary (or two) just to ensure your basic administrative tasks run smoothly can be asking a lot of a lean or streamlined budget. You may find you have too much admin work and legal correspondence to squeeze in alongside other duties, but too little to really justify offering benefits and salaries to an entirely new person or team. Let’s not neglect the fact that audio transcription- the ability to quickly and accurately transcribe spoken word notes into required documents, error-free and grammatically perfect- is a niche skillset.

This is where outsourced legal transcription services step into the ring. You pay for the work you need, when you need it, from experts who know exactly how it’s done. In times of peak demand, it’s easy to get access to two, three or even more skilled transcriptionists to handle the workload. When demand dips, you’re not left trying to fill someone’s day with busywork.

2. It will help you tighten up your budget

It’s probably fairly obvious already how this can help you save money in the long term. Without the need to pay for extra admin costs every month, it’s easy to establish a leaner, tighter budget that allows you to put more resources towards other facets of the firm. Your outsourced legal transcription provider brings the benefit of years of experience in this niche field to the table, but you will only be paying for their services on demand. No need to provide benefits, cater for locums during leave, or any other costly budget issues. Just consistent, reliable quality when you need it.

3. You will have access to top professionals in the field

There’s no need to train up new staff when you opt for outsourcing your legal transcription needs. You’re already working with trained professionals who know exactly what’s needed. Focus and attention to detail, as well as fast turnaround times, are guaranteed. As this is their daily bread and butter, a great legal transcription service works all day, every day, in this arena. They know the smartest ways to work, and the best way to deliver great results fast. The work you receive will be grammatically accurate, error-free and fitting your formatting requests.

4. Relieves staff burden

It’s rare for someone skilled in their own line of work to enjoy the added burden of administrative duties. It is, after all, work that takes away from their primary focus! Where the workload is high, it can even be detrimental to their work-life balance, and negatively impact stress levels and mental health. This can increase costs, reduce productivity, and lower the quality of your working environment. And it can be particularly difficult to head-hunt new talent if workplace ‘quality of life’ is seen to be low.

Take the burden off your staff’s shoulders, and free up their skilled resources for better use. Outsource your legal transcription needs, and leave your staff free to get on with their real work. Your firm’s productivity will increase in leaps and bounds, and your staff will thank you for it.

5. Streamlines the way you run

Motivating employees to stay on top of admin activities can be difficult. It may be due to the workload of their primary cases, or simply because they dislike admin tasks. So results can be hit-and-miss. One person may turn in grammatically immaculate results immediately, while you can’t even read the handwriting of another if you receive the work at all! This can make shared case burdens difficult, file notes impossible to access, clients repeatedly bothered for the same things, and other hiccoughs a daily menace.

Not with outsourced legal transcription to lighten the load, however. You’ll be able to maintain unity across all your documents. They will be delivered error-free and perfectly formatted every time, accessible to anyone who needs them. And they will be on-time, every time.

There are, of course, many other excellent ways in which outsourcing your legal dictation needs can help make your legal firm stronger, more efficient and more productive. It’s our mission here at Legal Typing to ensure our clients receive only the very best service and results. Small or large volumes of work are treated with the same urgency and respect.

Remember, Legal Typing offers new customers a ½ price trial, so what’s there to wait for? Try our services today and experience the Legal Typing difference for yourself.