As a law firm, efficiency is something you hunt for daily. While many tip lists focus on internal procedures you can streamline, did you know that outsourcing admin- especially using outsourced typists- is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to boost your law firm’s efficiency there is? The eagle-eyed team from Legal Typing have everything you need to know below.

Why does maximising law firm efficiency matter?

It isn’t easy to grow your firm, we know. Not only are you juggling your caseload and bringing in new clients, but you also have all the typical, day-to-day basic business admin to contend with. And let’s be honest- you didn’t sweat your way through the long nights of law school to battle with misbehaving printers and try and work out which service providers you should use, let alone hunt-and-peck your way through typing up file notes!

Outsourcing your admin needs sounds scary at first- but it really shouldn’t be. With a team of efficient, effective outsourced typists at your disposal, you will be free to concentrate on what really matters within your law firm

How can outsourced admin help my law firm grow?

Are you familiar with the idea behind the ‘Pareto Principle’? It’s also sometimes called the 80/20 rule… that 20% of your actions generate 80% of your results. Effectively, this encourages you to ‘not sweat the small stuff’, or get bogged down in tiny details, and instead focus your efforts on the parts of your business that generate the most income.

For a law firm, that ‘20%’ is undoubtedly the efforts you put into working on your legal cases and sourcing new clients. This is, after all, the passion that will drive the growth you want in your business as well as the results that will build your reputation. The more time you are spending focused on these tasks- and the less on nitty-gritty admin- the more law firm efficiency you can boast.

In other words, while your need for manpower will grow as you do, that doesn’t mean your most efficient investment is in hiring another body to come work at your offices, part-time or full-time. After all, taking on another employee means a ramp-up in overheads, pay and benefit provision too. All of which represents a big chunk of capital- often for only a small increase in productivity.

Do I need outsourced typists for my law firm?

Enter the idea of outsourced admin. While you focus on your clients, your cases, and driving new business, you have a team of skilled individuals ready at a moment’s notice to take the admin burden out of your hands.

How do I know I’ve picked the right outsourced typists?

As with any other staffing position, there’s some key principles to follow to ensure your outsourced admin makes a good match with your needs.


We’re sure you didn’t pick your partners, legal secretary or any other key firm members out of a book at random- so don’t get tempted to do the same for your outsourced typists! Do your due diligence, and opt for outsourced admin services that have great reviews, a proven track record, and excellent, transparent communication- like Legal Typing.

2. Conduct an ‘interview’

As with any staffing position, take some time to sit down together and chat over your needs, in person, via video chat or over the phone. This will help you get a sense for their work ethic, systems, and ease of communication. This also lets you filter out the ‘Google translate’ crowd who will only embarrass you and cause more admin hiccoughs then they solve, and allow you to check that you’re using a full English team that is fluent not only in the language, but the unique needs of legal typing, too.

3. Remember you need to mesh

It’s important that you can see your outsourced typists as part of your team. So you need to be able to gel together and work well with each other. It’s not just about their efficiency and capabilities. This, in part, is why the Legal Typing team allow you to work directly with your favoured typist through our portal, so that a meaningful and satisfying work relationship can be built.

What benefits to boosting my law firm efficiency with outsourced typists are there?

So, yes… working with outsourced admin can be a tremendous way to boost the efficiency of your law firm. We’ve addressed the low capital investment doing so requires, and how it can help prevent you from needing to create a position- and all the administration that goes with it- for another direct worker. There are some other benefits to consider, too.

  • Access to (immediate) quality staff: There’s no need to train someone into their position, or explain the unique needs of a law firm to them. You have instant access to a trained specialist who already has the experience and knowledge you need- at a fraction of the cost of employing them yourself.
  • Possible tax benefits: Using outsourced admin can lead to tax perks, write-offs and benefits due to the outsourcing.
  • Beat your competitors: Establishing yourself as a smaller firm can be a difficult process. By harnessing trained, knowledgeable outsourced typists and keeping overheads low all in one, you position yourself ideally to help boost your performance above that of your less savvy competitors.
  • Reduced overheads: You pay a fixed cost for the outsourced admin work you need. Without the capital and position costs of maintaining a separate staff member, you can keep your budget lean and your law firm efficiency high.

Outsourced legal admin- it just makes sense!

With the ability to re-invest money into your core business rather than waste it on admin issues, you will find you have more leeway for marketing, improving infrastructure and office procedures, and even retaining extra skilled legal staff if you require them.

Outsourced admin to boost your law firm efficiency just makes sense. If you have any questions- or are simply keen to get the process of streamlining your business underway- why not chat to the Legal Typing team today? We’re here to answer any of your questions- and our skilled typists will help make your outsourced typing needs a dream to deal with.