Is legal typing from home for you? Whether you’re a retired legal professional, an ex-paralegal/legal secretary looking for some income while you’re on hiatus, or simply a hard-working, skilled audio typist with legal experience looking for work, Legal Typing may be the perfect agency for you. With new clients joining up almost every day, we’re looking for skilled hands to help us expand into the future. So here’s what you need to know about becoming a typist with Legal Typing.

What does Legal Typing do?

Legal Typing is the proud partner and sister-company to the U.K’s renowned Property Typing. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of legal-focused work in the property niche. Over time, we came to realise there was a critical demand for the same high-quality, confidential and effective typing services for legal personnel in the United Kingdom, too. Why should the property niche hold all the talent? So we made the decision to open up legal typing from home services to all interested professionals, too. As a result, the Legal Typing arm opened in 2017, and we’ve just grown and grown since.

We take pride in providing reliable, fast and skilled legal typing services. From firms needing full-time support, to those seeking temporary relief in busy periods, we have it handled. We even offer temporary support when staff are on vacation. We’re therefore proud to offer high standards of accuracy with fast turnarounds, every time. No job (or law firm) is too small or too large. We’re proud to offer only the highest quality and most rigorous standards in the legal typing industry. That’s why we have a world-class, highly confidential typing portal open to our customers. Even better for you? Many of our super-skilled staff members can perform their legal typing from home.

Using a winning formula

We understand, similarly, that personal service and trust is key for the legal firms we work with. That’s why our typists are individually assigned to clients, and a good working relationship encouraged. We want our clients to feel that they are receiving the equivalent services to having their own on-site typist. Over time you too will therefore develop working relationships with your own specially assigned clients.

This commitment to quality and perfection has seen the firm grow and grow. Now we’re looking to add some more dedicated typists to our pool. Could that be you?

What does it take to be on the Legal Typing team?

We’re looking for new people interested in performing legal typing from home. With our impeccable reputation to defend, Legal Typing doesn’t simply hire the cheapest worker or fastest talker. Of course, with the same dedication and high standards our existing team is committed to! We seek to use UK based typists with extensive experience in the legal industry. Many have backgrounds as legal secretaries or audio typists with some legal experience. A solid secretarial background is always a plus, as well. Our current team is a blend of audio typists who’ve worked with large typing agencies, ex-legal typists, and even a few legal professionals now looking for a flexible home-based career.

Is legal typing from home right for me?

Do you have any kind of experience with the U.K legal industry? Is your typing speed both fast and accurate? Can you easily be available, and are you comfortable (and up-to-date) with Word and Excel? Then you may wish to come on board as a legal typist from home with Legal Typing. If you have working experience with some legal industry-standard software, that’s an added bonus.

As a smaller, bespoke typing agency with an expanding client base, we’re currently looking to hire. So: could you be the next typist we bring on board? We ask our typists to have 5-day-a-week availability. Daytime availability is preferred, but we do have some flexibility for evening and weekend work too.

Our audio typing from home work needs you to be able to open all common dictation file formats (.dss, .ds2, .mp3, .m4a, .mp3, .wav, .wma), so you will need dictation software. In addition, we also need you to have access to a printer in case copy typing is required. Our typists are free to pursue other interests and work while working for Legal Typing. However, we do expect a 24-hour turnaround time on assignments.

Our rates of pay are highly competitive in the industry and will be in line with your typing speed. So the faster you can type (accurately), the better the hourly rate you will receive. Interested? Then please drop the team your CV (in .doc or .docx format) at [email protected] We’re waiting to hear from you!

Legal Typing and YOU- the perfect legal typing from home partnership

Do you have what it takes to be part of the hand-picked team here at Legal Typing? Then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! With our client base growing every day, we’re looking for typists who love what they do. You’ll be key in helping us to expand into even more success. You’ll be working with an established, reputable agency that knows how to get the job done. And we now have over 11 years experience of working our magic. Come experience legal typing from home in a fast-paced, cutting-edge bespoke agency. We offer our typists and our clients nothing but the very best!