When you need a cohesive solution for typing services that cover both legal matters and property-related claims, where do you turn? While at first glance it may seem like an unusual niche, you’d be surprised how often the realms of property ownership and the law cross. The question is, who can you trust to help you get it right the first time, every time, when handling these delicate matters? Legal Typing knows exactly what you need. From witness statements, land registry applications and leases right through to other property contracts, we can assist you.

Property law is a body of law unto itself, especially in the U.K. Whether you are a dedicated, property-focused legal practice or a general practitioner who occasionally handles property matters for your clients, it’s essential that every member of the practice has the knowledge and skills necessary to put your clients first. That’s not just you, the legal mind driving the firm, but everyone right down to the typists you use to keep your admin running smoothly. Our skilled body of legal typists has all the knowledge necessary to ensure things are done right.

Can you assist with witness statements in my property matters?

From boundary disputes to wrangles over purchase agreements and contracts, the property arena can be fraught with delicate situations. As with any other area of the law, you’ll find items like witness statements become a key part of the case. From helping your client to prove themselves under custom-and-usage laws right through to nailing down the testimony of on-sight workers, insurance claims handlers and other invested parties, witness statements play a key role in many areas of property law.

While many quality legal transcriptionists exist, the key question is whether they also have the skills, knowledge and understanding of the unique needs you find in the property arena. Can they intelligently interpret (and transcribe) industry jargon, while keeping up with the (often technical) testimonies you need recording precisely to score your court victory?

Legal Typing has an advantage many don’t. In our partnership with Property Typing, we have a dedicated pool of U.K-based typists fully versed not only in UK legal proceedings but also in all matters property-related too.

What about land registry applications in the United Kingdom?

Having your property registered in your name on the land registry is a key part of owning land in the U.K. This, in fact, is your key proof that you do, in fact, own your property! Whether one buys, is given, inherits, receives in exchange for other land or assets, or mortgages a property, it is essential that a land registry application is placed. Only leasehold land with less than 7 years remaining on the lease is exempt from this requirement. Likewise, it is essential that the land registry is informed if you transfer away any property you own.

The entire process of submitting a land registry application, however, can seem like muddy waters for the average citizen. This is why it is common practice to engage the services of a suitable legal representative to help guide the way through the process, fees and other legal niceties.

Where do they turn when they need swift, knowledgeable administrative assistance in the practice? Together, Legal Typing and Property Typing offer the perfect partnership to ensure it’s your law firm that comes out tops.

Can Legal Typing assist with property leases and other contracts?

Whether one is looking to rent a property, or you have invested in property as part of your financial planning, it’s critical that a watertight lease is in place. In fact, it’s typically advised to neither act as renter or rentee if the other party is reluctant to sign a comprehensive lease! That is because this key document offers critical protections on both sides of the agreement.

There’s no such thing as ‘obvious’ when it comes to creating any form of legal agreement between parties, be it a property lease or a contract of sale. A good lease on your property should thus clearly lay out all expectations on both sides of the agreement. What is the landlord responsible for repairing, and what upkeep falls on the tenant? What day is rent expected, and in what forms is it acceptable to tender payment? What redress is available to the landlord or the tenant in the matter of a dispute? What are the consequences of failure to uphold the contract terms? All these matters- and many more- need to be set out clearly and accessibly. The signatures of both parties then add legal credence to the matter, giving both parties a solid legal footing to pursue matters if the terms are breached.

Again, such complex legal matters are best left to the professionals, and most will seek legal help to create these forms of agreements. What happens when your law firm requires skilled, efficient administrative assistance in compiling these property leases and contracts, however? It’s critical that your outsourced typists have a solid grounding in both legal matters and property law, just as you do.

Legal Typing and Property Typing: A partnership that works for YOU

No matter what specific areas of property law you typically handle in your legal practice, Legal Typing has the experienced, dedicated (and U.K based) typists you need to help you make outsourcing your admin a dream. Combined with the wealth of knowledge accessible to us through our partnership with Property Typing, we’re perfectly placed to offer you the very best property law typists working today- all through one simple, easy-to-use typing service here in the U.K.

Are you ready to get the help your law firm needs, the way you want it? Legal Typing has a wealth of solutions available to you, so why not get in touch with our helpful team today? It’s the first step to a simple, more efficient practice that leaves you free to concentrate on your clients and not your admin.