Here at Legal Typing, we’re proud to offer a vast range of services that help legal firms and private individuals alike reduce their legal typing and administrative burden. No matter what your specific needs, we have a service (and an expert) to help. 

Legal typists can assist with a wide range of admin-based typing activities for legal matters. All we require is your notes or audio recording of the matter, and we will help you correctly compile and format the matter for your needs. We can use your templates and letterheads or simply provide the typed matter back to you for further use. No matter your specific requirements, there’s a legal typist to help.

Why not consider outsourcing to a Legal Typing team today to reduce your admin burden, guard against mishaps and errors, and streamline your legal work so you can concentrate on the nitty-gritty of your firm. We will help you reduce the admin load!

Here are just a few of the many outsourced legal tasks we can assist with.

1.General correspondence

From that quick cover letter you keep meaning to send, to draft emails to keep in touch with your clients, your legal typist has you covered. Let your outsourced legal typing team help you out with any and all of the day-to-day correspondence, and leave you free to get busy with your work. Legal Typing can provide accurate, grammatically-correct and well-formatted correspondence, specially fitted to your instructions and on your letterhead if needed. We can help reduce the volume of legal correspondence that crosses your desk daily.  We can even help with facsimile document services.

2. Leases and Wills

Whether you’re a legal firm who’s had all the structuring interviews with your end client already or a prepared individual who’s aware of what they need, your legal typist can help. Provide us with your standardised documents, and we will re-work them with any requested amendments, ready for use according to your dictated requirements. We also offer a will typing service for those who need their legal planning formalised.

3. Minutes, meetings and notes

You’ve already spent the time brainstorming- why waste time formalising everything when your legal typing team can help? We don’t need to have been there in person to help you create formal, personalised notes and attendee’s lists like a pro. We will help you formalise the recordings of your meetings and events, and prepare them in the way you need for your records.

4. Witness statements, arbitration agreements and affidavits

These critical documents are key to a well-run legal practice… but they generate a lot of admin. You do the work, and we’ll take over that administrative burden. Statements and arbitration agreements must be correctly formatted and referenced to stand up to future scrutiny, but your experienced legal typist will ensure they are ironclad for you. We will help you create a lasting record of your formal legal agreements and affidavits.

5. Legal form filing and land registry documents

Why not let your legal transcriber help you navigate the world of bureaucracy and the courts as smoothly as possible? Whether you are about to put a land registry application before Her Majesty’s Land Registry, or simply need help filling out legal forms as swiftly and accurately as possible, we have your back. Mistake-free applications ensure the smoothest possible journey through the process, saving you costs and time.

6. Remote assistance with Probate matters

At an already difficult time, navigating the convoluted waters of probate can seem like a menace. Not with the Legal Typing team at your back! Our probate support services will help guide the process, ensuring less stress for all concerned parties. We have extensive experience handling, transcribing and editing probate forms swiftly and without errors. We can’t ease the grief, but we can smooth matters so the administration doesn’t become an additional burden.

7. Disciplinary hearing typing

It’s important that any disciplinary meetings and matters you face are accurately recorded. This is for your record, the other party’s records, and for future reference. This should also be undertaken in case of future court proceedings or challenges. We can assist with disciplinary hearing audio transcription done on a 24-hour turnaround.

8. Bankruptcy legal typing

Bankruptcy processes can be complicated and often come at a traumatic time. Allow your legal transcriber to ensure a smooth, accurate process throughout. We will create a permanent record of the bankruptcy hearing that will make the process positive and swift, ensuring all administrative parameters are met.

9. Instructions to Counsel

Do you need accurate, legitimate instructions to counsel template? Do you need help with the brief to counsel process? Legal typing can assist you with accurate information and quality transcription to ensure the legal wheels keep rolling smoothly.

10. Court proceedings audio transcription and tribunal typing

We are proud to offer you high-quality court audio transcription for a range of needs, from our fully qualified team. It’s especially critical that tribunal records achieve utmost clarity. We can take your audio coverage of the proceedings, and ensure they are correct (and quickly) converted to the written word.

This is hardly an exhaustive list of the tasks you can outsource to your legal typists. We offer a wide range of assistance with typing and transcription for all sorts of legal needs. If you have a specific service you require, be sure to get in touch with the helpful Legal Typing team today! Reduced admin load and fast, accurate transcription is just a click away.